The Farmland Health Check-Up pairs producers with CCAs and P.Ags to facilitate an assessment of challenging areas on-farm, focused on soil and pollinator health, through the completion of the Farmland Health Check-Up Workbook.

Interested in delivering the Farmland Health Check-Up?

To be eligible to participate you must*:

*CCAs or P.Ags interested in delivering Check-Ups in the Raisin Region Conservation Authority area can disregard the information above and instead are asked to send an email to to indicate their interest.

Program Materials

Soils Information and Additional Resources (Preparation for Farm Visit)

You can find soil types in two ways:

  1. Using static soils maps, downloaded using the links below:
  2. Using AgMaps
    1. Go to AgMaps
    2. Tutorial: Finding Soils Information Using AgMaps
    3. AgMaps – Online Tutorials

LEADS Eligibility and Watershed Map

Soil Cover Resources

Additional Resources for BMP Planning

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