Farmland Health Check-Up Registration for CCAs and P.Ags

Thank you for your interest in delivering the Farmland Health Check-Up. Completing this survey is a requirement to deliver the Farmland Health Check-Up.

The Lake Erie Agriculture Demonstrating Sustainability (LEADS) program provides producers in the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair watersheds a unique opportunity to work with a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) or Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) to complete a Farmland Health Check-Up. LEADS is available to producers in the eligible geography.

The exercise includes an inventory of current practices, an assessment that includes recommendations about Best Management Practices that aim to improve soil health and water quality.

The Farmland Health Check-Up was developed by OMAFRA specialists, with assistance from OSCIA and CCAs. The exercise is voluntary and is provided to the producer at no cost.

Participating CCAs/P.Ags are reimbursed a flat fee of $500 for each Farmland Health Check-Up completed and submitted to OSCIA. Individuals who do not work independently are encouraged to discuss this program with their employers before completing this survey.

Please proceed only after watching Module 1: Introduction to the Farmland Health Check-Up. This survey will ensure you have sufficient comprehension of the program, and also confirm the contact information you consent to share on our website, which will be posted after completion of module 3.

You are encouraged to print a copy of this survey for your records.

Confirmation of Completion of Module 1

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As a Certified Crop Advisor or Professional Agrologist intending to actively participate in the completion of Farmland Health Check-Ups with producers operating in the LEADS eligible geography, I declare the following:

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